Are You Pro-life? Are you sure?

Posted by : Brian | On : December 7, 2013

Do you label yourself pro-life?

The majority of Americans who vote for the guy with an “R” next to his name would probably answer yes to this question, but that’s also assuming that “life” only refers to the unborn child.
Conservatives are known for being pro-life in the abortion debate – at least when it comes to the ballot box or the comments section at the bottom of a Yahoo! article. Unfortunately, conservatives have joined alongside their liberal counterparts, relying on the government to point everyone’s moral compass to the same direction as their own. The belief that “if we just make a law” will stop the murder of innocent children is as fallacious as believing that the prohibition would stop people from drinking.
(Side note: Yesterday in 1933, the 21st amendment was ratified, repealing the 18th amendment – alcohol prohibition within the United States)
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against creating laws to make abortion illegal. I think the only just laws are the ones that protects a person’s life, liberty, and property. Murder just so happens to deprive a person of their life. If the litmus test for a just law is protecting a person’s life, liberty, or property, then a law against abortion is a just law.
But do you think you’re doing enough to end abortion by voting for it?
Consider this quote from, you guessed it…
   “Law reflects the morality of the people. Ultimately, law or no law, it is going to 
    be up to us as parents, as clergy, and as citizens-in the way we raise our 
    children, how we interact and talk with our friends and neighbors, and the 
    good example we give – to bring about changes to our culture toward greater 
    respect for life.”
                                                                                           – Ron Paul
…toward greater respect for life…
This brings me to the actual point of this post and my reason for possibly questioning your pro-life stance. You see, those same Americans that usually vote for the guy with the “R” next to his name, are usually very excited and proud to see the young men and women of this nation march off to another war – to kill. They exalt people like Navy Seal Chris Kyle who is known as the “American Sniper” with over 160 confirmed kills.
“Yay for the people that kill a lot of people – except for the people that kill unborn babies. They’re evil.”
Do we see a disconnect here? The killing of unborn babies is demonized (which it should be) while the rejoicing of killing people in other countries is celebrated? Oh wait, I know. They are fighting against Americans, so their death is justified -which explains why they believe American’s deaths are justified for the sole reason that we are their enemy. Plus, what about the civilians over there that are killed? Maybe we don’t exactly rejoice over their deaths, but we sure don’t care about them.
Can we see why people think the pro-life labeled groups are hypocrites? Channeling Jeff Foxworthy:
If you are against abortion, but for more war – you might be a hypocrite.
If you are against abortion, but celebrate the troops that are used to kill in offensive, interventionist wars – you might be a hypocrite.
If you are against abortion, but vote for candidates that support endless wars – you might be a hypocrite.
If you are against abortion, but couldn’t care less about non-Americans being killed – you might be a hypocrite.
Here’s the bottom line:
The pro-life label must mean what it says. Be pro-life. Be for life. Celebrate life. ALL LIFE. Americans or non Americans, black or white, baby or adult. Life is a precious gift from God and should be seen as such. Does the way you live your life reflect your respect for life, or only your ballot?

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