Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Posted by : Brian | On : December 14, 2012

For those that are unaware, last Monday Keri and I were informed that we would no longer be able to have our own children.

Four days later, and I’m still not sure how I’m suppose to react.

My first reaction to the news was tears, then quickly became “God is in control, and he has a reason for this.” I truly do believe this is true, so how can I be sad about God’s plan? Is there a contradiction there?

Can we be sad about God’s plan, and yet still trust it?

Well if we believe that God is sovereign over all, and we shouldn’t be sad about God’s plan, then that would mean that sadness and mourning would be wrong.

Obviously this can’t be the case:

Matthew 5:4 – “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted”
Job 1:20 – “Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head and fell on the ground and worshiped.”
      (I did shave my head on Tuesday, but it wasn’t as a sign of mourning)

John 11:35 – “Jesus wept”
      In response to his friend, Lazarus’, death, Jesus Himself wept for him. Why would he do that if 1) He could have kept him from dying and 2) knew that He was about to raise him from the dead?

So here’s my bottom line: I’m sad, and yet I trust Him.

When starting a family, Keri and I always said that we would have kids until He stopped us, thinking that we’d probably end up with our own TV show and a sponsorship from Pampers; but here we are, done after two kids.

“Hey all you kids waiting to be adopted: Watch out! We’re coming for you…”

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  1. Shirley Jerome said on 27-03-2014

    I can testify that you sure can mourn and still trust in God’s plan.In fact, that is where you learn to really trust in Him.

    I’m sorry about the news you received. I love y’all and know what loving parents you are. My son and his wife are in the process of adopting. We are all excited. 🙂 God goes before His children and prepares the way. It’s not what we always expect, but it’s always for our good.

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