Cheerios Proved Me Wrong

Posted by : Brian | On : January 5, 2014

I claim to be a libertarian.

I claim to support a laissez-fair, free market economic system, free from government control and regulation.

I claim that that government intervention makes things worse, not better.

But last November, I made the mistake of throwing all that out the window. You see, a controversial initiative was on the ballot in Washington State. I-522, the mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs) was the talk of the town. Even in the libertarian circle, debates arose about whether we should vote yes or no. I understood the reason for both choices, but I was still a “YesOn522” advocate. It was the only thing I voted “yes” on.

I regret it.

I can claim free market economics all I want, but when it came to a vote, I voted against the free market. [After all, government should be included in nothing – except for what I believe, said every voter ever.] I voted FOR government intervention (gives me the creeps just typing that).

I am heartily against GMOs and especially the crony capitalism that is so heavily associated with them. Companies like Monsanto and Dupont (leading manufacturers of genetically modified crops) are evil and they have governments, local, state, and federal backing them up in their evilness. But why would I think that the same government would fix it?

Stupid me.

The free market will take care of it, right? That was easier said than done for me, hence the “yes” vote. However, yesterday’s news put it all in perspective. Capitalism wins again. General Mills announced that they would begin making Cheerios without genetically modified ingredients. Is this because they believe that GMOs are bad? Nah..probably not. They’re making them because there is a large enough number of consumers that want it.

I believe this to be only the start. Many people do not know or really understand what GMOs are. As they look down the cereal aisle, they will notice a label (one that is voluntarily put on by General Mills, not by government regulation) that says that Cheerios is not made with genetically modified ingredients. Most will probably look into it and begin to demand that other cereals, as well as other foods, be made without GMOs.

Way to go consumers, keep up the good work. Force producers to give you what you want by how you spend your dollars, not by how you vote.


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  1. bean said on 28-01-2014

    Yay for Cheerios! Yay for libertarian principles! Yay for being willing to re-think and change your mind. Actually, triple yay on that last one.

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