Christianity Doesn’t Need Your Vote

Posted by : Brian | On : May 19, 2014

Sometimes I hate being labeled a conservative.

I say this because it seems to me that the majority of the Christian-conservative leanings of the political battlefield believe this notion that Jesus needs them to vote this way or that way – the very existence of Christianity hangs in the balance. Without the right man in office, Christianity will meet it’s impending doom and be lost in the pages of history.

O ye of little faith.

Let’s make sure we believe in the same God. You believe in the God that created the entire world? Check. You believe in the God that destroyed that same world with a flood that killed everything and everyone except Noah, his wife, his sons, daughters-in-law, and 2 of each kind of animal? Alright. You believe in the God that led his people out of the gripping hands of Pharaoh in Egypt through a series of 10 supernatural plagues? Ok, good. You believe in the God that split the waters of the Red Sea to allow the Israelites to walk across the sea on dry land? So far so good. You believe in the God that destroyed a fortified city by having men march around it and blowing trumpets? This is looking good. You believe in the God that sent his own Son to be brutally murdered on a cross, paying the penalty for our sin? I hope so. You believe in the God that established His church, the bride of Christ, to be salt and light to a lost and dying world? Great. You believe in the God that has maintained his bride through countless attacks throughout history….

…but we need to vote for Rick Santorum or America’s Christian values and morals are doomed?

(Sorry, Ricky. I could have used a whole slew of other names, but I just watched a video of you defending government’s role in legislating morality, so your name came to mind first.)

No. You see, America’s Christian values and morals are not determined by the man that occupies the oval office, or the men and women that sit in the Congressional chamber. They are determined by the men and women that sit in the church pew listening to the latest rendition of “How Great is our God,” as they tremble in fear over the next election results. Yes, how great He is…

If Christian values and morals are determined by Christians, then maybe that’s why those morals are in shambles.

But sitting in a church pew is easy. Instead of fighting the battles that God has called us to fight, we are happy to pay a small (read: large) sum (in the form of taxes) to have a politician fight the battle for us so we can go back to listening to the latest podcast about how Jesus wants us to be happy and stress-free in 5 easy steps.

“Why try to evangelize and persuade others to live a righteous life when I can just get Rick Santorum to use the government to force people to live morally? It’s far easier and I don’t get any blood on my hands.”

(Sorry again, Ricky)

Besides, the premise that government should have the authority on moral matters is extremely dangerous. As Voddie Bauchum stated,

“What happens when we send a man to the White House with the express purpose of ‘changing the moral standards’ of America in our favor, then, down the line we have a president who uses the same un-checked powers to promote moral standards with which we disagree?” (Voddie Bauchum. Why Ron Paul?)

Quit thinking that the human being that sits in a particular seat in Washington D.C. can positively change the moral standards of the nation through government decree. The goal is to reach people for Jesus Christ, not to promote a pseudo-Christianity that forces others to live a hypocritical good-looking life like, I don’t know, YOU.

Christ saves and transforms lives. He established the church so that “the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places” (Eph. 3:10). That is the job and mission of the church. Don’t defer that mission to the state.

If  you need a candidate or elected official to spread Christianity – your God is not big enough.

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  1. JoshW said on 27-05-2014

    Outstanding. My favorite post of yours yet.

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