How Dare They!

Posted by : Brian | On : February 9, 2014

“IRAN WARSHIPS SENT TO USA BORDERS” – Headline of the Drudge Report at the moment.

Well that’s a scary headline, huh?

Here’s the linked article. If you don’t want to read the 5 paragraph article, the short version is that Iran has some warships that are currently out to sea that are headed our way on a three-month training mission amid growth of Iran wanting to “demonstrate its ability to project power across the Middle East and beyond.”

I need to be careful what I say, so this will be short.

Clearly this should be seen as a threat to our national sovereignty. How dare they think they can just roll up to the edge of our borders and taunt us with their military presence?

*Last sentence of the article*: “The Islamic Republic considers the move as a response to U.S. naval deployments near its own coastlines.”



It’s different. We’re America. So it’s different.

Don’t you see why?

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