Why is abortion such a debated topic?

Each side, whether pro-choice or pro-life, simply cannot wrap their heads around why the other side would think the way they do. The entire debate hinges around the answer to the question, “When does life begin?” If there was a definitive (by “definitive” here, I mean agreeable) answer to this question, there would be no debate. No pro-choice individual would admit that killing of a live baby is ok. Similarly, no pro-life individual would say that getting rid of a not-alive “thing”  is  evil.

Whatever side you are on, just try for a moment to see it from the other side. Pro-choicers, do you really think that pro-lifers are just desperate to run your life? Pro-lifers, do you really think that pro-choicers are evil people that are looking for infant bloodshed?

I am pro-life. Insanely pro-life, really. I believe that abortion is the ending of a human being’s life. Once that life is created, it has as much value as any other human’s life. No one has the right to end that life, including the mother that bears the child.

So we should make a law…

Well, rarely will I ever say that there should be a law, but in this case I believe there should be. I believe the only legitimate laws are ones that protect and individual’s life, liberty, and property. If abortion is ending the life of that baby, then I believe that a legitimate law can be imposed.

But making a law doesn’t win the war on abortion. It may be a minor victory. Consider this:

“Law reflects the morality of the people. Ultimately, law or no law, it is going to be up to us as parents, as clergy, and as citizens-in the way we raise our children, how we interact and talk with our friends and neighbors, and the good example we give – to bring about changes to our culture toward greater respect for life.”                                                                   -Ron Paul, Liberty Defined.

We must do more than vote to change the abortion culture. Live a life that celebrates life. Have compassion for the young woman walking into Planned Parenthood rather than disgust. If you believe it is life, however, you must do more than just talk about how evil pro-choicers are.

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