Drugs are bad. I’ve never done any illegal drugs and I have no intent in doing so. But should we ban it or regulate it? Of course not.

First of all, it is no concern of the government what an individual does with his own body. The point of freedom is that an individual should be able to make bad choices as long as it does not harm another individual.

The unintended consequences of the war on drugs are far more harmful than the effects of the drugs themselves. A violent and deadly black market has been created. The war on drugs keeps the cartel in business. Law enforcement has killed multiple people during home raids, both legitimate and not.

The biggest unintended consequence of the war on drugs is the large amount of citizens in the prison system due to drug related charges. Families are broken up. Homes remain fatherless. It begins a generationally broken system.

Of course, when you follow the money, I find that those that are behind the system believe the war on drugs is working quite well. The prison industrial complex is reliant on the drug war to keep their prisons full and the money flowing in. Law enforcement (local police, sheriffs, DEA) is reliant on the drug war to keep their resources expanding and the money flowing in and their jobs intact. Black market profiteers (cartel-that surely has ties in politics) are reliant on the drug war to keep the prices high for their drugs.

See, the drug war works, but for all the wrong people. If we as a country believe in freedom and truly believe in what is best for the country, the war on drugs – all drugs – should end immediately.

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