My New Workout Program

Posted by : Brian | On : January 10, 2014

Disclaimer: This is NOT a New Year’s Resolution. I started January 4th. So there…

I’ve always had a problem with getting in the habit of exercising regularly, because I am lazy…and apathetic (see what I did there?).

I enjoy working out. I especially enjoy right AFTER the workout. It helps me sleep better, makes me want to eat better, and gives me more energy throughout the day. It seems like it would be easy for me to slap my running shoes on and get to the gym or go for a run, right?


I’ve started P90X on multiple occasions. I get through about two or three weeks and then I realize I just can’t keep up with the rigorous schedule that is required. If only I could finish, I could have the body of Tony Horton.

With that said, here’s my latest and greatest workout program. Be prepared. It’s rigorous. It’s painful. It’s complicated.

1. Put running shoes on (as Claire would say, “yunnin” shoes)

2. Go outside

Those are literally the only two goals that I have in order to consider my workout a success. That’s it. See, I’ve found that one thing I hate more than beginning a workout (remember, I enjoy it once I start) is doing something for no reason. If I complete only these two goals, the idea of working out is much easier. My thought process usually goes something like this:

Sitting on the couch: “I should put my shoes on now…ugh..”

Get off the couch: “GRAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

Go to closet and grab shoes: “I guess I’m really doing this…”

Sit on couch to put shoes on: “Wow, this couch is comfortable, I guess I could just sit here and…NO!”

Walk outside: Oh, look… a pull up bar.

30-45 minutes later: I’m tired. Good workout.

I haven’t gone a day yet where I haven’t actually worked out just by putting shoes on and going outside. There may come a day where it is late and I really want to lounge around. I may just walk outside, turn around, take my shoes off, and sit on the couch. But it will be a success, and in my mind, that will drive me to complete my goals again the next day, which will probably end up with another workout.

Two goals: put shoes on, go outside.

This is my strategy because I know myself and how apathetic and lazy I am concerning exercising. If I can’t put shoes on and walk outside, then there’s something much deeper that is wrong with me. This also works for me because I know that I’m good once I get going. This will not work for those that would simply walk outside and turn around everyday.

As someone on the internet said: “The hardest lift of all is lifting your butt off the couch.”

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  1. Sandy said on 01-02-2014

    Hmm.. Maybe this is a workout I can handle..

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