What shouldn’t happen

Posted by : Brian | On : November 7, 2012

After the election yesterday, a good friend of ours posted this as her Facebook status: (I have her permission to post this.)

“Wake me up in four years when it’s time to vote again…”

The sad part of this is that I think this is how 90% of Americans feel about politics. Is going to a poll booth or sending in a ballot with some lines drawn or circles filled in really what everyone thinks their “moral and civic duty” is as a citizen? How sad. And then we cry when these politicians, that we care about for 1 month every 4 years, vote to take our rights away, vote to increase taxes, vote to start social programs and vote to start undeclared wars.

Shame on us for allowing it to happen. We have ourselves to blame.

Pay attention. Get involved. Now is the best time to start.

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